Dragon boat races or DRAGON BOAT RACE have a rich background of ancient ceremonial, ritualistic and religious traditions, and therefore the modern competitive aspect is only a small part of this complex dragon boat culture. The use of dragon boats for racing is considered by anthropologists to have originated in southern central China more than 2,500 years ago, in Dongting Lake and along the shores of Chang Jiang (now called the Yangtze) during the same era as the ancient Greek games. were established in Olympia.

Dragon Boat

A dragon boat is a huge war canoe traditionally made of teak, which has a dragon head carved in the bow and a dragon tail carved in the stern. Boats can be up to 30 meters long and can accommodate anywhere from 20 to 80 oarsmen of varying sizes. A sacred ritual is held before the race when the dragon's eyes are painted, which is said to "bring the boat to life."

Dragon boat races are events organized all over the world, real festivals and races in which you discover your limits only to exceed them later.

What is interesting is that there is another branch of these great DRAGON BOAT competitions, a branch that is composed of competitions made and dedicated to cancer survivors.

Dragon Boat competitions of this kind have been taking place for over 25 years with participating teams from 25 countries on all continents, in 225 communities, and this year, Asociatia Imunis Romania also on the international map of the competitions dedicated to cancer survivors with one of the biggest incidents in the world.

Today it is about IMUNIS DRAGONS the first Dragon Boat team in Romania, made up exclusively of breast cancer survivors.

IMUNIS Dragons is also the first such team to be accredited internationally by the International Breast Cancer Paddlers Commission .

The project was started at the beginning of 2020 in partnership with the TITANII Nautical Sports Club and is entitled Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat in Romania .

Patients enrolled in the program are coached by Marian Baban, former international vice-champion in kayak canoeing and coordinated by Cosmina Grigore first patient to become Patient Coach (Patient Consultant ) from Romania that launched the New Cancer Patient caravan - a series of seminars dedicated to cancer patients, their families and friends, as well as those who want to prevent this disease.

Dragon boat echipa sport

The workouts are specifically designed to manage lymphedema, maintain muscle tone, emotional support and encourage life expectancy, which is so necessary for the cancer patient.

IMUNIS Dragons

The Immunis Dragons equipment is a special one: Cosmina Grigore wanted the survivors to have a unique equipment, specially created for them. "I wrote history this year in Romania, so the girls deserve to have a unique outfit, with a special story, as they are." So they chose to work with us, the THE WOMEN’S LOCKER team.

I accepted the challenge of developing the IMUNIS Dragons team's equipment from scratch and being with them on this new journey as technical sponsors, designing everything in detail.

The graphic elements found on the blouse of the IMUNIS Dragons equipment were inspired by the microscopic structure of the dragonfly wings (Dragon Fly in English), the insect that is in its element above the water being very agile and fast.Introducing stylized paddle paddles with Asian notes in the design of the sleeves, we managed to personify the hands of the entire IMUNIS DRAGONS team, inspiring the power and strength we have inside, the force that is ready to erupt during the competitions

The selected materials feature THE WOMEN'S LOCKER QUICK DRY technology that provides a quick drying of the material compared to a traditional one, THE WOMEN'S LOCKER STRETCH and BREATH freedom of movement and high breathability.

The Immunis Dragons project is first and foremost an educational project for women with breast cancer in Romania, and what Cosmina's team has managed to achieve is truly a success in the fight against this disease. It is a role model for all patients who want to become winners, it is an inspiring project, a project that turns post-traumatic effects into an opportunity for change!



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